No amount of money could make HS2 ‘worthwhile’

By Jill Seymour MEP

It’s now being recommended that ministers should spend an extra £43 billion to make the construction of HS2 ‘worthwhile’.

Worthwhile? You must be joking. No amount of money – our money – could possibly make this white elephant project worthwhile.

The question we should be asking instead is, when is this gravy train going to stop?

The latest senior official to question the suitability of the current HS2 plans is Sir John Armitt, who chairs the National Infrastructure Commission.

He warns that passengers will face ‘inadequate’ transport links at either end of their travels unless more money is spent to connect the line up to better ongoing transport services.

And his recommendation? An extra £43 billion investment, which would virtually double the already escalating spend on HS2.

When is this all going to end? Sir John’s comments highlight HS2’s fatal flaw – it will be of no use to the vast majority of travellers, even though every single British taxpayer will be funding it.

And while these eye-watering sums of money are being bandied around, victims of the HS2 land seizure, who are losing their homes and livelihoods, are being pushed closer and closer towards financial ruin as HS2 heartlessly tries to grind them down by delaying compensation payments.

This is so, so wrong. HS2 is not a financial game – innocent people’s lives are being destroyed by a vanity project which the vast majority of people say they don’t want, won’t use, and certainly don’t need.