Brexit Party is the answer to the public’s despair

Telford’s Tory MP Lucy Allan acknowledges that the Brexit Party is putting forward ‘some fantastic candidates’ for the European elections.

What’s the big scandal? It’s true.

Lucy sees how the public has reacted over the past months over parliament’s inability to enact the will on the people, and is simply displaying the same despair.

She is trying to be loyal to her own party, who are already struggling to support their own leader.

But she also listens to her local constituents and businesses and, like myself, wants to see an end to this farce, see Brexit through, and move on towards a positive future.

Neither of us ever wanted to see another European election, and to see how much this will cost the taxpayer is a disgrace, at a time when money is so needed for our public services locally.

The political establishment needs a wake-up call. The public is crying out for a new era in politics – one that delivers and keeps its word, and one where elected representatives actually speak on behalf of the public who put them into office, instead of themselves.

Lucy’s comments have my complete support. The only way to change is to vote for the Brexit Party.