Farmer’s daughter Jill Seymour was born in Shropshire in 1958, and has lived and worked in the county almost all of her life.

She is driven by a desire to expose the corruption of the European Parliament, along with the betrayal of the UK by successive government and our UK MPs.

Jill has been heavily involved as an activist since 2002. She  started as – and remains – a hard-working foot soldier, assisting with election campaigning across the UK.

Jill says: “I want to inform the UK general public of the destruction of our economic and social fabric at the hands of the EU. Centuries of our hard fought democracy and our British way of life is being dismantled piece by piece, by the unelected European Commissioners and their officials acting as a self interested dictatorship, and the failure of successive UK governments to protect the interests of our citizens.

“I believe the general public have had enough of the three old parties  who cannot be trusted by their manifesto pledges, the promises that never materialise.

“The public see a corrupt Government of MPs who fiddle their expenses and manipulate the truth. The people of this country will only change the way they vote when they hear and see a true honest individual who stands up for them, not themselves.

“When that person shows integrity, and speaks the truth from actual facts, only then will this Country start to gain better prospects for businesses and employment, and so much more.

“I hope through my honesty and common sense approach I can encourage my family, and friends, and anyone I meet that this corrupt organisation, the EU, is not what we originally thought we signed up to. It is a dictatorship, of mountains of red tape, bureaucracy, directives, that are damaging the heart of Britain.”

She is married to Brian Seymour, who runs a Shropshire-based manufacturing company, and the couple have one son. They live in a village on the outskirts of Telford.

“We will continue to fight to regain control of our country and our lives. We have a much bigger task ahead of us. These are exciting, and challenging times . . .”