What a farce! France throws its toys out of the pram

UKIP MEP Jill Seymour today slammed the latest example of European Union ‘silliness’ after France began legal proceedings against the EU – for formally adopting its new budget in the wrong country!

The EU voted on the issue at its main base in the Belgian capital of Brussels, instead of at the parliament’s second home, over the French border at Strasbourg.

Now, the French have complained to the EU’s own court over what they see as an unacceptable snub by eurocrats.

European politicians have repeatedly voted to abolish the monthly road trip to Strasbourg and centralise operations in Brussels, but the French have a veto on the issue.

Mrs Seymour, UKIP’s Transport spokesman, said: “This a time of crisis for France when they have riots on the streets, high unemployment, slow economic growth and a clash of cultures taking place on a daily basis.

“It is ridiculous in the extreme for that state to be throwing their toys out of the pram on the issue of where the European Parliament votes specifically on the bloated EU budget.

“As far as I can see, EU treaties refer to the Parliament meeting 12 times a year in Strasbourg, but nothing at all about where the budget must be voted on.

“The whole travelling circus to Strasbourg is an expensive and tiresome exercise. In leaving the EU, we Brits will be delighted to avoid this silliness in the future.”