We must not risk running our haulage firms off the road

Jill Seymour told the European Parliament in Brussels that is it vital we do not run small and medium sized transport businesses off our roads. Here is what she told the chamber:

“CO2 emissions across the transport sector need to be addressed, however in the road haulage industry where their margins are very tight, it is extremely important that small and medium size businesses are not run off the road, and out of existence through unrealistic targets.

“I hear dangerous talk on cabotage, but some reassuring words on dubious letterbox companies that exploit workers.

“It is action, more than words that can only work.

“May I suggest you allow each member state to tackle the individual companies who blatantly abuse this system across the EU.

“Fragmentation of the internal market should not be used as an excuse to harmonise road safety in member states especially when the UK and Sweden have the safest roads in Europe.

“The EU is constantly questioning the competence of national governments.

“May I state the UK has been running very successfully its networks and transport infrastructure for many years and certainly do not need any further interference from the EU.

“It will be a great day when we regain our independence and leave the European Union.”