UK must be attractive to electric car makers

UKIP is calling on the Government to make the UK a more attractive investment location for electric car manufacturers.

Transport spokesman Jill Seymour, and small business spokesman Ernie Warrender, have raised concerns over the current lack of training schemes or incentives for the big motor firms.

Mrs Seymour has already spoken in the European Parliament about the need to speed up infrastructure investment for electric cars in the UK, in readiness fur a surge in demand.

She said: “It has become clear in recent months that Brexit has done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of automotive manufacturers to invest in the UK.

“Top brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and General Motors are stepping up their moves toward electrification – and it’s vital that we make the UK look like an appealing location.

“That means not only tearing up red tape to speed up the roll-out of more charging points, but also making sure the electric vehicle expertise is available for the car makers.

“A new era is dawning in the motor industry. Electric vehicles are about to really take off, and it’s no surprise that manufacturers are jostling for position to establish an early foothold. The UK needs to be at the forefront with them.”

Mr Warrender said: “We need to know what plans the Government has in place for organising apprenticeships, and creating the sort of tailor-made training and higher education courses which will woo manufacturers of electric vehicles.

“We also need to attract research and development businesses into this country, to cater for this radically new type of mass propulsion.”