It’s time for sex criminals to feel the full wrath of the law

Telford-based MEP Jill Seymour today called for an urgent cross-party public inquiry after new reports once again painted the town as the sex crime capital of Britain.

Mrs Seymour first met with local police superintendent Tom Harding back in 2016 to discuss her concerns over young girls in Telford being reportedly groomed and exploited on ‘an industrial scale’.

She said: “I was assured that action was being taken, but nearly 18 months on, it appears from the latest shocking revelations and previously unpublished material in the national media that the situation is even worse than before.

“The time for tough talk and promises is over. We need to rally behind the police. Do they need more resources or more staff to ensure this scourge of society feel the full wrath of the law?

“If the answer is yes, then let’s make sure the Government gives them what they require.

“Our priority should always be protecting innocent people and victims, and bringing the full force of the law down onto these perpetrators.

“That means handing out proper sentences which befit these ghastly crimes, and which act as a deterrent to potential sexual predators. People’s lives are much more important than spending money on government vanity projects.”

Mrs Seymour, a West Midlands MEP, added: “The victims of this heinous exploitation are some of the most vulnerable in society. They are people’s children, and siblings, who are crying out for help. It’s about time we started listening.

“Telford may be in the spotlight today, but make no mistake, this is happening in every town and city, and in many cases the victims, witnesses and informers are too afraid to speak.

“Gangs like these are simply not acceptable on our streets – whatever their race, colour or language.

“But if we are ever going to bring predators to justice, those who are prepared to blow the whistle on this disgusting, evil backstreet industry must feel they will be fully protected. They need to have more confidence in the legal system.

“It is outrageous and upsetting that, in this day and age, we seem incapable of doing more to protect the victims of sexual abuse, and to expose the darkest side of our society.

“I would urge anyone who can help in any way, to contact their local police.

“It’s time for politicians and organisations to put this issue right at the top of the agenda, and show we are really serious about bringing these predators to justice.”

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Interim leader, said: “These horror stories out of Telford are further evidence that these rape gangs are not a local, but a national problem, with new examples being constantly uncovered.

“However badly we have handled these cases in the past, the police must be given a free hand to investigate without the pressure of political correctness holding them back.

“One constant theme has been the failures of the CPS to prosecute these cases effectively. UKIP have long believed that the CPS should be scrapped and the responsibility for bringing prosecutions should be returned to the police, in order to let them do their jobs of protecting all individuals in our society.”