Seymour Shield launched to recognise young UKIP members

UKIP MEP Jill Seymour has launched a new competition designed to reward and recognise rising stars of the party’s youth wing.

The Seymour Shield is an annual competition for members of Young Independence who prove themselves to be powerful, and thought-provoking public speakers.

The first three award winners were announced at UKIP’s national conference, held in Doncaster.

Jill, who is the party’s national Transport spokesman, said: “Young Independence is the key to the future of our party – and of our country – and that’s why I’m so keen to give them as much support as I possibly can.

“I hope that the Seymour Shield will, in some small way, encourage more people to come on board and show the true talents of our young people.”

The competition was based on the presentation, content and delivery of presentations by Young Independence members during a fringe event at the Doncaster conference, discussing the benefits to Britain of being outside the European Union.

The inaugural winners were decided by a panel consisting of Jill Seymour, plus fellow MEPs Julia Reid and Nathan Gill, and former UKIP leader Jeffrey Titford.

The first prize of £100 was won by Johnny Shilton from Bedfordshire, with £50 to runner-up Christopher Vaughan, and £25 to Jamie McGowan who came third. All three also received a certificate, signed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Jeffrey Titford said: “I was truly impressed by the performance of the speakers. They had the presence and delivery of experienced politicians.”

Joe Jenkins, chairman of Young Independence, said: “We are exceptionally grateful for this gesture of support from a hard-working and dedicated MEP who is committed to seeing our group flourish.

“We hope that the Seymour Shield will become a great tradition, which forms part of our drive to demonstrate the great potential of the party’s young members.”

Pictured: Jill with winner Johnny Shilton (right), and runner-up Christopher Vaughan