Mixed bag for road users announced in the 2017 Budget

Philip Hammond’s budget has served up a mixed bag of measures for road users, according to UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

She welcomed the investment in more charging points to keep pace with the growth in demand for electric cars, but condemned the chancellor for again ‘demonising’ drivers of diesel cars.

On the decision to increase road tax for older diesel cars, she said: “He is punishing less affluent families who can’t afford to buy a replacement.

“What makes this particularly galling is that many of these people only bought their diesel cars on Government advice in the first place!”

Mrs Seymour also accused Mr Hammond of ‘closing his ears’ to the growing financial burdens of HS2.

He announced that he would invest £300 million to ensure HS2 infrastructure can accommodate future Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine rail improvements.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. HS2 is a vanity project with a budget which is spiralling out of control.

“The Chancellor talked about looking forward for Britain, and not back. HS2 only exists because we are pandering to the desires of the European Union’s transport chiefs.

“We’re going to be out of the EU in little over a year’s time – why saddle ourselves with something we don’t want, don’t need, and will be no benefit whatsoever for the vast majority of people who have to pay for it?”

Mrs Seymour raised the issue of electric car capacity in the European Parliament last week, calling on British industry leaders to help speed up the roll-out of electric car charging points.

“I see all the benefits of electric vehicles, but I do have some concerns. Currently in the UK, we do not have enough rapid chargers to support the growth of electric vehicles. We need industry leaders to speed up the roll-out.”