We must not risk running our haulage firms off the road


Jill Seymour told the European Parliament in Brussels that is it vital we do not run small and medium sized transport businesses off our roads. Here is what she told the chamber:

“CO2 emissions across the transport sector need to be addressed, however in the road haulage industry where their margins are very tight, it is extremely important that small and medium size businesses are not run off the road, and out of existence through unrealistic targets.

“I hear dangerous talk on cabotage, but some reassuring words on dubious letterbox companies that exploit workers.

“It is action, more than words that can only work.

“May I suggest you allow each member state to tackle the individual companies who blatantly abuse this system across the EU.

“Fragmentation of the internal market should not be used as an excuse to harmonise road safety in member states especially when the UK and Sweden have the safest roads in Europe.

“The EU is constantly questioning the competence of national governments.

“May I state the UK has been running very successfully its networks and transport infrastructure for many years and certainly do not need any further interference from the EU.

“It will be a great day when we regain our independence and leave the European Union.”

BA debacle: Why the chief executive should resign


UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today called for the resignation of British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz following the catastrophic failure of its computer systems over the bank holiday weekend.

She said: “British Airways represents the United Kingdom across the globe, and this disastrous failure has tarnished not only the reputation of the airline, but Britain as well.

“Alex Cruz certainly had his head in the clouds when he made the business decision to outsource BA’s IT systems and customer service personnel to India. It shows total lack of understanding about the company he heads.

“British Airways is a premium brand where excellent customer service should be a priority.

“This certainly is not the case any more with BA, where stranded passengers were left with zero information, and lack of any communication to be able to make an informed decision on their best option.

“It now transpires that some compensation is available – but this does not compensate the many thousands of passengers still trying to locate their luggage, and having their dream holidays and business trips destroyed.

“This is simply not good enough for the UK’s flag carrier, and if changes need to be made, it must start at the top.”

Manston Airport plans prove UKIP lives up to its promises

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Geoff Moore/REX (2232582s)
Manston International Airport Kent
Launch day of new KLM service to Schiphol at Manston International Airport, Kent, Britain - 02 Apr 2013
Launch day today (tues) at Manston, Kent of the new KLM service to the main hub airport of Schiphol in Holland. The Fokker 70 aircraft will be used on the twice daily flights. KLM and Manston officials were their for the launch day.

A £100 million investment plan to revive aviation at Manston Airport in Kent would not have been possible without the tireless campaigning of UKIP councillors, according to the party’s transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

An American logistics company has today unveiled plans to acquire the 750-acre site, and use it as a base for at least a dozen aircraft.

Representatives for the un-named investment company are due to discuss the prospects of Thanet District Council becoming a partner in a compulsory purchase order for the site.

“This is fabulous news. UKIP insisted two years ago that it was the only party which would work to save Manston, and we are delivering on our promises,” said Mrs Seymour.

“News of this potential investment is testimony to the tireless campaigning, lobbying and hard work of the UKIP team on the ground in Thanet under Councillor Chris Wells, the leader of the council.

“Our councillors have worked hand-in-hand with other groups, including Supporters of Manston Airport (SUMA) and Save Manston Airport (SMA) – this is a triumph for collaboration, determination, and co-operation.

“While UKIP is vilified by the political points-scoring of other parties, our elected representatives are simply getting on with the job, and making things happen.

“I’m delighted there could be a viable future for Manston Airport, and I will watch the developments with interest and enthusiasm over the coming weeks.

“This is a fabulous local asset, and it would be a terrible tragedy if it was to be lost purely through a lack of political willpower.”

The American logistics company already has operations in Europe, and is being represented in the discussions by German-based consultancy DTD Consult.

It says the company is looking for a base initially to relocate 12 aircraft belonging to clients currently at a European location, and regards Manston as having advantages because of its access to London and the Channel ports.

Dale Crawford, spokesman for DTD Consult, told Kent Online: “There is a clear commercial need for additional airport capacity in the South East.”

Why I’ve decided not to stand in the 2017 General Election


UKIP MEP Jill Seymour will not be putting herself forward as a candidate at the 2017 general election.

The Shropshire-based MEP, who fought The Wrekin seat in 2015, cited ‘family and personal reasons’ for the decision.

She said she would instead focus all her attention on continuing to campaign to ensure the Government delivers the Brexit which Britain voted for in the referendum last year.

Mrs Seymour said: “My belief in Brexit is unwavering, and I hope that when people go to the polls on June 8, they send a message to the many sitting MPs who voted to remain in the EU – against the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

“Britain faces a bright future outside the European Union, and we need to ensure that, going forward, we are represented by MPs who truly believe in this vision.”


When it comes to a ‘coalition of chaos’, you won’t beat HS2


UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today expressed her ‘frustration and disappointment’ after Theresa May insisted she remained absolutely committed to the HS2 rail project.

Mrs Seymour said: “The Prime Minister wants to paint herself as a strong leader – yet her stubborn support for this white elephant project is an example of ducking a massive issue which will cost Britain tens of billions of pounds that we can’t afford to be spending.

“When it comes to a coalition of chaos, HS2 is the perfect storm; multiple public-funded organisations on the gravy train, a budget which even some of Mrs May’s own MPs now admit could top £200 billion, and no fewer than 17 different PR agencies involved.

“But it doesn’t matter how many spin doctors are recruited to try to convince people there’s a need for HS2 – they won’t find a compelling business case which is backed up by hard evidence.

“The election campaign was a perfect opportunity for the Government to pull in the reins on this project, and hold those people who are spraying around taxpayers’ money like confetti to account.

“But instead, Mrs May has put the interests of the big organisations making huge sums of money out of HS2 ahead of the needs of the existing railway infrastructure, which is crying out for investment after decades of under-funding.”

Mrs Seymour added: “HS2 has never been needed, and the economic case has never been justified. It will never pay its way, and will always be a burden on the taxpayer.

“And the HS2 line will tear up large parts of our countryside, and wreck the lives of people in many rural communities. It will benefit only a small minority of travellers, yet all British taxpayers will have to foot the bill.”

Brexit is NOT about turning our backs on Europe…


Jill Seymour says…

Everyone seems to be trying to predict what life is going to be like for families and businesses over the next few years.

And the phrase which keeps popping up in conversation is “When we are out of Europe…”

Hold on, just rewind for a moment. That’s not what Brexit is all about.

We are NOT leaving Europe. We are NOT turning our backs on the European people. We are simply untangling ourselves from the tentacles of the flawed, and frankly floundering institution called the European Union.

People supported Brexit because they are fed up of being controlled by Europe. This is very, very different from saying we want to pull up the drawbridge and completely isolate ourselves from our neighbours.

We just want to wrestle back control of our own rules, regulations, and legislation.

I campaigned passionately for Brexit because I believe it will always be the British people who know what is best for our strong, proud, and resilient island nation.

Look at the investment which is flooding into places like Telford, where my constituency office is based, right now. In the past year, we’ve probably seen more headline-grabbing developments than at any time since the halcyon days of the late 1980s, when so many Japanese and Taiwanese firms set up manufacturing bases in the town.

Austrian automotive component manufacturer Polytec is building a new factory here which will create nearly 250 jobs, and another car parts giant, Magna, has started work on an even bigger plant which will employ over 300 workers.

These multi-million pound decisions are never made lightly. The companies will have weighed up the pros and cons, and come to what I believe is clearly the right conclusion: that the future is bright for Brexit Britain, and we are perfectly positioned to prosper.

To those who are worried that our exit from the European Union will damage economic development, and bring about a threat to workers’ rights, I say this:

The UK has never depended on the EU for workers’ rights. Modern pensions began in 1908, equal pay was introduced in 1970, our Race Discrimination Act dates back to 1965, and UK maternity rights are longer and better paid than those enshrined in EU law.

That same EU law provides for a minimum of four weeks of paid holiday for workers – yet the UK already provides 5.6 weeks.

Have faith. Britain will always do what is best for its people . . . and free from the shackles of the European Union, it will be far better placed to deliver.

Why I believe the Thames Crossing proposal should be scrapped


Jill Seymour MEP, UKIP’s Transport Spokesman, has called on the Government to reject the proposed third Thames Crossing in Thurrock. She is the first national figure from any of the major political parties to call for the Thames Crossing proposal to be scrapped.

She said: “Air pollution in Thurrock is already appalling high. According to Government statistics, 6% of deaths are attributed to air pollution and these proposals are only likely to worsen the situation.

“Thurrock’s roads network is already over stretched, in many cases the increases in traffic is putting Thurrock in a dangerous position if emergency services are required to cross the borough quickly.

“The business case is flawed. The cost of £6bn returning only 5,000 jobs is not value for money at £1.2m per job. UKIP have previously called on Conservative to cut other failed transport policies such as HS2 and this appears to be another one of their white elephants.

“I call on Patrick McLoughlin MP and Lilian Greenwood MP to announce where their parties stand on the issue. I have a feeling the calls will be met with silence. It is a shame that only UKIP are willing to show national support against the project.”

How can HS2 possibly need SEVENTEEN PR companies?

HS2 pic

UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour today demanded to know why an astonishing SEVENTEEN different PR agencies have been appointed to work on the HS2 project – all funded by the taxpayer.

The Department of Transport disclosed the information in response to a parliamentary question over the number of external agencies appointed to assist the HS2 management team.

“This is a disgusting waste of our hard-earned money on a project which is neither wanted, nor needed,” said Mrs Seymour.

“I have opposed HS2 from the start, and this preposterous and distasteful revelation proves why I am right to have done so. It’s a never-ending gravy train, with taxpayers forking out for all the fuel.”

According to the response to the parliamentary question, 17 communications companies are being paid by the taxpayer to work on HS2.

They are JBP Associates, Blue Rubicon, MHP Communications, Brand and Deliver, Brandnew, M-is, Precedent Communications, Crown Business Communications, PRgloo, Booz & Company, SKV Communications, Emergn, Stairway Communications, Gorkana, Hopscotch Consulting, Weber Shandwick, and Westbourne Communications.

“A further 12 other consultancy and production firms have also been handed lucrative contracts at our expense – and all of this is before a single piece of HS2 track has even been laid,” Mrs Seymour added.

“It doesn’t matter how many PR companies are recruited to try to convince people that there’s a need for HS2 – they won’t find a compelling business case which is backed up by hard evidence.

“Surely, now, the Government must pull in the reins on this project, and hold those people who are spraying around taxpayers’ money like confetti to account.

“Enough is enough – what about our existing railway infrastructure, which is crying out for investment to keep pace with our modern-day lifestyles?

“I look forward to hearing how the Government’s own spin doctors are going to dig themselves out of this latest scandal.

“My message to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is clear: It’s not too late to call a halt to the whole HS2 debacle, and demand an inquiry into exactly how much of our money is being spent on this vanity project . . . and why.”


Government refuses to block diesel driver demonisation


UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour says she is ‘saddened and disappointed’ at the Government’s refusal to act against the growing demonisation of diesel drivers.

She launched a petition calling on parliament to prevent local authorities from being able to impose extra charges on diesel vehicle owners who drive or park in city centres.

The petition has already been signed by more than 16,000 people.

But in an official response, the Department of Transport says: “The setting of charges for on or off-street parking is a matter for local authorities.

“The Government recommends that authorities set charges at levels which are consistent with the aims of the authority’s transport strategy, including its air quality, road safety and traffic management strategies. Authorities should never use parking charges just to raise revenue.”

Mrs Seymour said: “I’m saddened and disappointed that the Government seems to have missed the point of this petition completely.

“It is not a call to ignore concerns with emissions. It is a call for common sense when looking at these issues.

“For the past two decades, Government policies have promoted diesel engines, as they are far more fuel efficient and release far less CO2.

“With manufacturers across Europe following this lead, huge investment has been made in clean diesel technologies which have reduced tailpipe emissions enormously.

“It is madness to suddenly throw all this investment, research and manufacturing capacity away due to a change in policy.”

She added: “I fully support the move towards zero emission vehicles and government investment towards achieving this, but it is unfair and wrong to penalise both drivers of diesel cars and manufacturers who have in good faith moved towards diesel cars because of policy direction from the very governments now seeking to demonise their choice.

“I agree that electric vehicles are the future, and we should incentivise these. Workplace charging stations and public car parking with charging facilities should be rolled out as fast as possible along with tax incentives towards zero emission vehicles.

“However, this is a little way away and whilst manufacturers move to new technologies, it is unwise to target drivers of vehicles which were only a few months ago, being promoted as low carbon.

“So I repeat my call for Theresa May’s Government to stop demonising diesels.

“They must promote new technologies and allow people with diesel the time to get the value from their vehicle over time, without Government policies reducing their significant investment to nothing overnight.”

Details of Jill’s petition can be found at

It’s not cabotage – it’s sabotage! We must protect our hauliers


UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour is calling for urgent Government action to protect British hauliers against the growing menace of ‘cabotage’ from foreign drivers.

Cabotage rules permit hauliers from any EU country to carry out limited jobs in other member states – but Mrs Seymour said the situation in the UK was spiralling out of control.

“They call it cabotage, but as far as I can see, it would be more accurately described as sabotage,” she said.

Her comments come after a BBC investigation revealed that many lorry drivers operating on UK roads were being paid less than £3 an hour by eastern European employers, and living out of their cabs.

“Our UK haulage industry is already struggling to breathe under a mountain of regulation and bureaucracy – much of it driven by needless EU legislation.

“I sympathise with overseas drivers who are merely trying to earn an honest living, but their companies are undercutting the UK haulage industry.

“And it is the interests of UK hauliers which should always come first.”

Mrs Seymour added: “Under cabotage rules, overseas companies can carry out a limited number of properly audited jobs in another EU member state.

“But the word ‘limited’ is being stretched way beyond what the rules were clearly designed to permit.

“Overseas drivers are being put under immense pressure to work way beyond acceptable levels, and it’s time the Government got to grips with the situation.

“It’s not fair, it’s not safe, and it’s effectively forcing our own HGV and LGV companies to do an already difficult job with one hand tied behind their back.”

She added: “It is time for the British government to stand up for our hauliers, and have a complete rethink on cabotage permits.

“If overseas companies are employing people to transport goods around the UK, then they should be paying Britain for the privilege.

“They should also be forced to prove that they comply with the same health and safety standards as our own drivers operate under.”

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