Local authorities must act on HS2 before it’s too late


West Midlands MEP Jill Seymour is urging local authorities to follow the example being set by Stafford – and challenge the HS2 rail project before it is too late.

Stafford Borough Council has set aside £65,000 to create a ‘fighting fund’ for petitioning parliament over the widespread disruption which the project is set to cause.

Mrs Seymour, who is UKIP’s transport spokesman, said: “The numbers simply don’t add up for HS2, but the Government stubbornly refuses to listen.

“Perhaps the only way that action will ever be taken is if local authorities all take this small window of opportunity to challenge the proposals, pointing out how many lives it is set to destroy.”

The Hybrid HS2 Bill, which is currently out for consultation, is the only opportunity for local authorities, community groups, and individuals to challenge the plans.

Mrs Seymour said: “It’s not just the people whose homes will be bulldozed to clear space for the line; there are railheads, viaducts and other construction proposals which will cause long-term misery.

“I would urge all local authorities with concerns about the way HS2 will impact on its communities, and the environment, to follow the example being set by Stafford, and air their views before it’s too late.

“People power is clearly the only way this Government is ever going to be forced to reconsider this flawed and financially bloated vanity project.”