I’m backing Henry – Jill’s choice for new UKIP leader

UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has endorsed former soldier and policeman Henry Bolton as her preferred candidate to become the party’s new leader.

She said: “I believe he is clearly the most credible candidate to lead the party into a new era.

“Having been involved with UKIP for more than 17 years, I’m in no doubt that Henry has the experience, respect and skill-set required to reform and relaunch our party.

“He is diligent, politically astute, calm and steady under fire, and with his police and military background, his organisational and strategic planning skills are second to none.

“Henry isn’t swayed, tainted or influenced by political ideology, and knows how to make pragmatic, sensible and reasoned decisions.

“And most importantly of all, he has a CV packed with international experience at the highest level of business and civil service to prove it.

Mr Bolton has held top-level diplomatic posts across the world in countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, Bosnia, he is a proven problem solver, and collaborator.

He received the OBE for services to international security and stabilisation, and has also been commended for outstanding bravery.

Former leader Nigel Farage has endorsed his leadership bid, by signing up as his political referee.

Mrs Seymour said: “Critics accuse UKIP of being insular, and inward looking. Henry Bolton is the exact opposite.

“Grassroots members and loyal donors are the beating heart of our party, and Henry will listen to them, and collaborate with them, to chart UKIP’s future course.

“No leadership candidate can match his impressive CV, and that’s why I believe he is the perfect man to give UKIP the gravitas, direction, discipline and respect it needs and deserves.”