Budget fails to give an inspiring outlook for the future

Jill’s verdict on Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget statement:

“It would have been nice to say ‘what a great budget’, but sadly we can’t.

“On the up side, there is money available for care and the NHS, but I suspect that there is so much debt that the increase will be gone before it can be used.

“The budget has not given an inspiring outlook for the future. No entrepreneur, self employed person has any encouragement.

“No small and medium size business has any benefits and certainly the increase in rates will definitely destroy many. Enterprise has been left on the shelf.

“Not once did this budget reflect on Brexit.

“Not once was anything mentioned of our cost of membership to the Political Union.

“Not once was there any mention of any claw back of imposed EU red tape.

“Our cost of EU membership could dramatically reduce any UK austerity. It’s that simple.”