Bright sparks need to rethink electric car charging plans

UKIP transport spokesman Jill Seymour has called for more ‘joined-up thinking’ from Government departments to prevent their latest electric vehicle growth plans from blowing a fuse.

Mrs Seymour, a West Midlands MEP, was responding to news of plans to fit hundreds of thousands of extra electric charging points – which could see new homes and offices compelled to include them.

It follows a report from the RAC which warned that the current growth in electric car sales could soon stall because of a lack of convenient charging points across the UK.

She said: “Before we start getting too excited about this latest Government idea, I’d suggest a bit more joined-up thinking from their transport and housing departments.

“On one hand we have transport secretary Chris Grayling championing this idea that people will be able to charge their electric vehicles at their own homes.

“And on the other, we have a housing policy which is trying to cram as many new properties into an area as possible – meaning there is often no room for off-street parking.

“This makes the idea of having electric charging points at new houses very difficult – unless the Government want to start clogging up roads on housing estates by encouraging lines of electric vehicles on each side?”

She added: “There is no disputing the fact that electrically propelled vehicles are now a serious option for many families, but the charging infrastructure is not keeping pace, and hasn’t been properly thought through.

“I fully support the installation of rapid charging stations in towns and cities to facilitate the growth of zero emission vehicles.

“But the Government must also encourage off-street parking and charging provision in all new housing and industrial developments by laying down rules for developers, through the local planning process.”