Anti-car London mayor Sadiq Khan is taking drivers for a ride

UKIP transport spokesman Jill Seymour is urging drivers to reject the ‘anti-car proposals’ contained in London mayor Sadiq Khan’s blueprint for the capital city’s road network.

She said the under-publicised Mayor’s Transport Strategy included a host of measures designed to penalise drivers, such as pay-per-mile pricing and more congestion charges.

Mrs Seymour said: “The EU has made no secret of its ambitions for an EU-wide road pricing system covering all vehicles on all roads.

“Fortunately Britain will be leaving the EU and all this bureaucracy behind, but we don’t want to be left with its unwanted baggage.

“More than 1.8 million Britons signed the largest ever petition against a previous Government proposal for road pricing, so Sadiq Khan must not be allowed to impose these latest rules by stealth.

“I urge drivers to reject the anti-car plans contained in this consultation – email by October 2 at latest.”

Mrs Seymour, a West Midlands MEP, is also a patron of the Alliance of British Drivers, which has launched a campaign against the mayor’s plans and set up an independent website –

She said: “Sadiq Khan must not be allowed to push through his anti-motorist transport plans for the capital.

“He has already signalled his view that drivers in London ‘pay too little’ and should pay more – when they are already over-taxed and in many cases victimised.

“Last year, the EU’s transport commissioner Violeta Bulc spoke of plans to create an EU-wide road charging system ‘that will benefit the EU’s Single Market’.

“British people rejected this when they voted for Brexit.”